Energy Natural Resources

Energy Natural Resources


The global chemical industry is currently experiencing a number of structural inflections driven by globalization, fluctuating raw material prices and stricter industry regulations:

These challenges require chemical companies to constantly innovate, increase responsiveness and agility, and grow – and while doing so, managing a global organization while producing at a lower total cost of operations and optimizing the utilization of assets.

Oil - Gas

The energy industry is in the midst of change like never before, driven by new exploration technologies, production and development processes, and a surge in global demand. Despite this growth, the pressures faced by the industry continue to mount due to stricter regulatory requirements, increasing EHS concerns, global resourcing challenges, and macroeconomic uncertainty. These conditions magnify traditional cost pressures, increase the need for skilled resources, and add significantly to the volume, variety, and velocity of data generated.

As a result, energy companies are increasingly looking to reduce operational costs, improve decision-making, effectively utilize both capacity and assets, and invest in new technologies. With its diverse offerings, Tat-Solutions penetrates multiple businesses across the energy value chain, from oil and gas to power generation OEMs, energy services, and transmission and distribution.

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